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Dress Alterations Services

Alterations are a core part of the Yours Only business; altering a garment to make it fit a client, to me, is gratifying and a job well done. So many ladies find garments are too long or fit in one area and not another. Altering the garment to make it fit makes all the difference to how it feels and how it looks.

How It All Began...
Whilst in the 5th form at school, our year were taken around several businesses to give us all an idea about different places of work and types of jobs. One of theses places was Beatties in Solihull. Because I showed an interest in sewing and their workroom, I was offered a position there and then as a trainee alteration hand and fitter. Having given it some thought, I decide to take the position and started there in September 1967.

I was a junior to a lady called Violet, who taught me so much; she had been doing the job for years and had once been a junior like me.